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<< bellydance is my passion >>

how did i Start Dancing oriental dance?

It was New Year's Eve, my parents and I were in Tunisia and the hotel we stayed in offered a New Year's Eve show for locals and foreign tourists.

Since we were curious about how the Tunisians celebrate the turn of the year, we obviously wanted to go there.

The hall was beautifully decorated, the atmosphere homely and cozy.

After dinner, music started and a belly dancer came in in her beautiful costume and started dancing. To our surprise, soon afterwards, many of the Tunisian women jumped up in the hall, tied their blouses and t-shirts so high that their bellies could be seen, and started dancing around the tables - and to be honest, most of them danced better than the belly dancer herself!

This moment was so surprising, so beautiful and atmospheric that, when I think about it today, it still makes me smile.

From that moment on, I really wanted to do the same ... I also wanted to learn the art of oriental dance .......


I have been a member of Studio Scarabeo Palace in Nuremberg since 2007 under the direction of Enussah and learned from different teachers: Leylah Sadim, Yela, Romy and Enussah.

Since 2014 I have been part of the show group Shani, founded by Enussah, with which we won 1st place in the German Championship in 2015 and 2018 and performed on many stages.

It's only since the end of 2014 that I've been really independent - on stages, competitions and events.

At that point, I had just turned 18 and was able to move around on my own.

I successfully completed the "Step On" training at Enussah in 2016 with a lecturer star.

From then on I was allowed to teach two groups at Scarabeo Palace.

2018 was the busiest year in terms of events and shows. Festivals with great stars took place almost every weekend, from which I could learn a lot and also pass it on to my students. That's what I love so much about festivals! Getting to know great new dancers and their moves and choreographies, but of course also making new dance contacts and building friendships.

At that time I also took part in project groups such as Leyla Jouvana in Duisburg.

For several years I have been making almost all of my costumes myself, from the first draft to the execution. I've taught myself to sew over the years - and I love it! The advantage of this is that you always have unique pieces!


I developed a special love for "Drum Solo"! I just love combining every drumbeat with a new movement and partying on stage!!!

In this area, I have already been able to teach workshops at festivals and also evaluate as a jury member at competitions.


After a longer Corona break the festivals and events are finally starting again.

Since 2022 I have been allowed to set up my own trade at the bazaars and sell glittering beautiful things. The evening galas were also attended diligently again and we were finally able to see each other again!

Since the beginning of 2023, my dear dance friend Ammurah has founded her own dance studio "Amar".

Now I'm part of the teaching team and I'm overjoyed to be able to teach again. There are workshops and regular classes, but also small studio shows where we can all dance together.



  • Winner of “Crown of Poshkus” at “OrientaldanceweekendBavaria” in Germany by Alisar 2019

  • Winner of “Tabla Live Professional” at “OrientaldanceweekendBavaria” in Germany by Alisar 2019

  • 2nd place “Classical Oriental Professional” at “OrientaldanceweekendBavaria” in Germany by Alisar 2019

  • 2nd place “Classical Oriental Professional” at “Leylet Hob”-Festival in Switzerland/Montreux by Mimi Sokolova 2019

  • Deutsche Meisterin (German Champion) Klassisch Orientalisch Hauptgruppe 2018

  • Winner of „Halima-Award“ Junoir 2018

  • Winner of Competition Germany at „Total Oriental“: 1st Place „Oriental Risingstar 2018“

  • Winner of Competition Germany „Raks el Awalim Festival“: 1st Place „Miss Raksa 2018“

  • Winner of Competition Bulgaria „Roses of the Orient Bellydance Festival“: 1st Place „Rising Bellydance Star 2018 Category Queen“

  • Competition Germany “Bellydancer of the World”: 3rd Place „Bellydancer of the World 2016“, 1st Place “Miss Mermaid 2016”

  • Winner of Competition Germany “Total Oriental”: 1st Place „Bellyqueen Europe 2016“

  • Competition “Tribal Convention”: 2nd Place “Fusion Rising Star 2015”

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